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    • Compound Hertzian chain model for copper-carbon nanocomposites' absorption spectrum 

      Kokabi, A.; Hosseini, M.; Saeedi, S.; Moftakharzadeh, A.; Vesaghi, M.A.; Fardmanesh, M. (2011)
      The infrared range optical absorption mechanism of carbon-copper composite thin layer coated on the diamond-like carbon buffer layer has been investigated. By consideration of weak interactions between copper nanoparticles ...
    • Cyanide sensing via metal ion removal from a fluorogenic BODIPY complex 

      Guliyev, R.; Buyukcakir, O.; Sozmen, F.; Bozdemir, O. A. (Elsevier, 2009)
      We report a highly selective and sensitive reversible cyanide sensor operating in the ‘turn-off-on’ mode via decomplexation of Cu(II) ions from a brightly fluorescent boradiazaindacene derivative. The sensor is reversible ...