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    • Classical Zariski pairs 

      Akyol, A. (2012)
      We enumerate and classify up to equisingular deformation all irreducible plane sextics constituting the so called classical Zariski pairs. In most cases we obtain two deformation families, called abundant and non-abundant. ...
    • Classical Zariski pairs 

      Degtyarev, D. (Worldwide Center of Mathematics, 2010)
      We compute the fundamental groups of the complements of all irreducible plane sextics constituting classical Zariski pairs.
    • Zariski k-plets via dessins d ' enfants 

      Degtyarev, A. (2009)
      We construct exponentially large collections of pairwise distinct equisingular deformation families of irreducible plane curves sharing the same sets of singularities. The fundamental groups of all curves constructed are ...