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    • Pedestrian dead reckoning employing simultaneous activity recognition cues 

      Altun, K.; Barshan, B. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2012-01-11)
      We consider the human localization problem using body-worn inertial/magnetic sensor units. Inertial sensors are characterized by a drift error caused by the integration of their rate output to obtain position information. ...
    • Vision-based continuous Graffiti™-like text entry system 

      Erdem, İ. A.; Erdem, M. E.; Atalay, V.; Çetin, A. E. (SPIE, 2004)
      It is now possible to design real-time, low-cost computer version systems even in personal computers due to the recent advances in electronics and the computer industry. Due to this reason, it is feasible to develop ...
    • Vision-based single-stroke character recognition for wearable computing 

      Özer, Ö. F.; Özün, O.; Tüzel, C. Ö.; Atalay, V.; Çetin, A. E. (IEEE, 2001)
      Particularly when compared to traditional tools such as a keyboard or mouse, wearable computing data entry tools offer increased mobility and flexibility. Such tools include touch screens, hand gesture and facial expression ...