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    • Assessing visual quality of 3-D polygonal models 

      Bulbul, A.; Capin, T.; Lavoué, G.; Preda, M. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2011-11)
      Recent advances in evaluating and measuring the perceived visual quality of three-dimensional (3-D) polygonal models are presented in this article, which analyzes the general process of objective quality assessment metrics ...
    • Integral imaging using phase-only LCoS spatial light modulators as Fresnel lenslet arrays 

      Ÿontem, A. O.; Onural, L. (Optical Society of Amercia, 2011-10-27)
      We present a digital integral imaging system. A Fresnel lenslet array pattern is written on a phase-only LCoS spatial light modulator device (SLM) to replace the regular analog lenslet array in a conventional integral ...
    • Super-resolution using multiple quantized images 

      Özçelikkale, Ayça; Akar, G. B.; Özaktas, Haldun M. (IEEE, 2010)
      In this paper, we study the effect of limited amplitude resolution (pixel depth) in super-resolution problem. The problem we address differs from the standard super-resolution problem in that amplitude resolution is ...