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    • Generation of new frequencies in toroid microcavities 

      Akbulut, D.; Tulek, A.; Bayindir, M. (2008)
      Microtoroid cavities with ultra high Q-factor have been fabricated using a combined process of photolithography and reflow technique for observing non-linear effects such as generation of new frequency components. For this ...
    • Low cost, ultra-high throuhput particle counting using inertial microfluidics 

      Çetin B.; Kaplan H.; Durkaya G.; Kurtuldu H. (Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society, 2016)
      In this work, an ultra-high throughput microfluidic particle counting system is demonstrated. For the particle counting, a low cost custom-design optical hardware is developed. The microfluidic chip utilizes the inertial ...
    • Ultrafast micromachining of Cu and Si at ultra-high repetition rates with pulse bursts 

      Kerse, Can; Kalaycıoğlu, Hamit; Elahi, Parviz; Yavuz, Koray; Mirza I.; Bulgakova N.M.; İlday, F. Ömer (IEEE, 2016)
      We report a novel ultrafast burst mode fiber laser system, which can deliver pulses at ultra-high repetition rates in order to systematically investigate micromachining efficiency on copper and silicon samples. © 2015 IEEE.