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    • Classical Zariski pairs 

      Degtyarev, D. (Worldwide Center of Mathematics, 2010)
      We compute the fundamental groups of the complements of all irreducible plane sextics constituting classical Zariski pairs.
    • Irreducible plane sextics with large fundamental groups 

      Degtyarev, A. (Japan Society of Mathematical Education,Nippon Sugaku Kyoiku Gakkai, 2009)
      We compute the fundamental group of the complement of each irreducible sextic of weight eight or nine (in a sense, the largest groups for irreducible sextics), as well as of 169 of their derivatives (both of and not of ...
    • Oka's conjecture on irreducible plane sextics II 

      Degtyarev, A. (2009)
      We complete the proof of Oka's conjecture on the Alexander polynomial of an irreducible plane sextic. We also calculate the fundamental groups of irreducible sextics with a singular point adjacent to J10. © 2009 World ...
    • On plane sextics with double singular points 

      Degtyarev, Alex (Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 2013)
      We compute the fundamental groups of five maximizing sextics with double singular points only; in four cases, the groups are as expected. The approach used would apply to other sextics as well, given their equations.
    • Stable symmetries of plane sextics 

      Degtyarev, A. (Springer Netherlands, 2008)
      We classify projective symmetries of irreducible plane sextics with simple singularities which are stable under equivariant deformations. We also outline a connection between order 2 stable symmetries and maximal trigonal ...