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    • Construction of a scanning tunneling microscope and first results 

      Oral, Ahmet (Bilkent University, 1990)
      In this thesis, construction of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope in air is explained. A step motor sample approach mechanism and a tripod scanner are used in the construction. Atomic resolution images of graphite samples ...
    • Quantitative atom-resolved force gradient imaging using non contact-AFM/STM 

      Oral, A.; Grimble, R. A.; Ozer, H. O.; Hoffman, P. M.; Pethica, J. B. (American Institute of Physics, 2001)
      Quantitative force gradient images are obtained using a sub-angstrom amplitude, off-resonance lever oscillation method during scanning tunneling microscopy imaging. We report the direct observation of short-range bonds, ...