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    • Document ranking by graph based lexical cohesion and term proximity computation 

      Gürkök, Hayrettin (Bilkent University, 2008)
      During the course of reading, the meaning of each word is processed in the context of the meaning of the preceding words in text. Traditional IR systems usually adopt index terms to index and retrieve documents. ...
    • A graph based approach to estimating lexical cohesion 

      Gürkök, Hayrettin; Karamuftuoglu, Murat; Schaal, Markus (ACM, 2008)
      Traditionally, information retrieval systems rank documents according to the query terms they contain. However, even if a document may contain all query terms, this does not guarantee that it is relevant to the query. The ...
    • Lexical cohesion and term proximity in document ranking 

      Vechtomova, O.; Karamuftuoglu, M. (Elsevier Ltd, 2008-07)
      We demonstrate effective new methods of document ranking based on lexical cohesive relationships between query terms. The proposed methods rely solely on the lexical relationships between original query terms, and do not ...