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    • 33-fs Yb-fiber laser comb locked to Cs-atomic clock 

      Senel, C.; Hamid, R.; Erdogan, C.; Celik, M.; Kara, O.; Ilday, F. O. (IEEE, 2013)
      Despite the prevalence of fiber frequency combs around 1.5 μm, few fully stabilized frequency combs have been demonstrated around 1.0 μm, despite the generally superior performance of Yb-fiber lasers compared to Er-fiber ...
    • A novel fiber laser development for photoacoustic microscopy 

      Yavas, S.; Aytac-Kipergil, E.; Arabul, M.U.; Erkol H.; Akcaalan O.; Eldeniz, Y.B.; Ilday F.O.; Unlu, M.B. (2013)
      Photoacoustic microscopy, as an imaging modality, has shown promising results in imaging angiogenesis and cutaneous malignancies like melanoma, revealing systemic diseases including diabetes, hypertension, tracing drug ...