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    • Iterative size reduction technique for optical nanostructures 

      Khudiyev, Tural; Bayındır, Mehmet (Optical Society of America, 2012)
      One-dimensional optical nanostructures are mass produced from a macroscopic semiconductor rod by using a new top-to-bottom fabrication approach. These nanostructures, which can be easily scaled up to 2D and 3D, exhibit ...
    • Macroscopic photoconductive nanowire arrays 

      Bayındır, Mehmet; Yaman, Mecit; Özgür, Erol; Aktaş, Ozan; Khudiyev, Tural; Kanık, Mehmet; Deniz, Hakan (IEEE, 2011)
      A novel high-throughput fabrication technique to produce polymer embedded functional chalcogenide nanowire arrays is demonstrated. Indefinitely-long selenium nanowire arrays are obtained and their size dependent photoconductivity ...
    • Spintronic properties of zigzag-edged triangular graphene flakes 

      Şahin, H.; Senger, R. T.; Çıracı, Salim (AIP Publishing LLC, 2010)
      We investigate quantum transport properties of triangular graphene flakes with zigzag edges by using first principles calculations. Triangular graphene flakes have large magnetic moments which vary with the number of ...