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    • 3-dimensional median filters for image sequence processing 

      Alp, M. Bilge,; Neuvo, Y. (IEEE, 1991-04)
      Two 3-D median-based filtering algorithms have been developed that preserve the motion in the image sequence while attenuating noise effectively. Some observations are made on the root signals in binary domain based on the ...
    • A general purpose VLSI median filter and its applications for image processing 

      Karaman, Mustafa; Onural, Levent; Atalar, Abdullah (IEEE, 1989)
      A general-purpose median filter configuration consisting of two single-chip median filters is proposed. One of the chips is designed for applications requiring variable word-length and variable window size, whereas the ...
    • New radix-2-based algorithm for fast median filtering 

      Karaman, M.; Onural, L. (IEEE, 1989)
      A fast radi-2-based median filtering algorithm is proposed. The median is determined bit-by-bit successively by eliminating the samples whose previous bits are different to that of the median. The intermediate computations ...