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    • Optoelectronic and thermal properties of metallic transition metal dichalcogenides 

      Mehmood, Naveed (Bilkent University, 2020-11)
      After the successful isolation of graphene monolayer from its bulky counterpart, there has been tremendous advancement in the field of 2D material. Transition metal dichalcogenides(TMDCs) is family of 2D materials comprising ...
    • Photocurrent generation in a metallic transition-metal dichalcogenide 

      Mehmood, Naveed; Rasouli, Hamid Reza; Çakıroǧlu, Onur; Kasırga, T. Serkan (American Physical Society, 2018)
      Photocurrent generation is unexpected in metallic 2D layered materials unless a photothermal mechanism is prevalent. Yet, typical high thermal conductivity and low absorption of the visible spectrum prevent photothermal ...