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    • Heating of magnetic fluid systems driven by circularly polarized magnetic field 

      Ahsen, O. O.; Yilmaz, U.; Aksoy, M. Deniz; Ertas, G.; Atalar, Ergin (Elsevier BV * North-Holland, 2010)
      A theory is presented to calculate the heat dissipation of a magnetic suspension, a ferrofluid, driven by circularly polarized magnetic field. Theory is tested by in vitro experiments and it is shown that, regardless of ...
    • Selective-area high-quality germanium growth for monolithic integrated optoelectronics 

      Yu, H. Y.; Park, J. H.; Okyay, Ali Kemal; Saraswat, K. C. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2012-03-02)
      Selective-area germanium (Ge) layer on silicon (Si) is desired to realize the advanced Ge devices integrated with Si very-large-scale-integration (VLSI) components. We demonstrate the area-dependent high-quality Ge growth ...