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    • Foraging motion of swarms as nash equilibria of differential games 

      Yıldız, Aykut (Bilkent University, 2016-09)
      The question of whether foraging swarms can form as a result of a non-cooperative game played by individuals is shown here to have an affirmative answer. A dynamic (or, differential) game played by N agents in one-dimensional ...
    • Foraging motion of swarms with leaders as Nash equilibria 

      Yıldız, A.; Özgüler, A. B. (Elsevier Ltd, 2016)
      The consequences of having a leader in a swarm are investigated using differential game theory. We model foraging swarms with leader and followers as a non-cooperative, multi-agent differential game. The agents in the game ...
    • Planar swarming motion under single leader as nash equilibrium 

      Yıldız, A.; Özgüler, A. B. (North Atlantic University Union, 2017)
      Two dimensional foraging swarms are modeled as a dynamic noncooperative game played by swarm members, each one of which minimizes its total effort during the journey by controlling its velocity. It is assumed that each ...