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    • The off-resonant aspects of decoherence and a critique of the two-level approximation 

      Savran, K.; Hakioǧlu T.; Mese, E.; Sevinçli, H. (IOP Institute of Physics, 2006)
      Conditions in favour of a realistic multilevelled description of a decohering quantum system are examined. In this regard the first crucial observation is that the thermal effects, contrary to the conventional belief, play ...
    • Quantifying quantum information via uncertainties 

      Öztop, Barış; Klyachko, Alexander A.; Shumovsky, Alexander S. (OSA, 2007)
      We show, for a state ψ of a quantum system with the dynamic symmetry given by the Lie group G, total amount of quantum information and entanglement is provided by summarized uncertainty of basic observables.
    • Quantum bistability, structural transformation, and spontaneous persistent currents in mesoscopic aharonov-bohm loops 

      Kulik, I. O. (World Scientific Publishing Co., 2005)
      Fixed-number-of-electron mesoscopic or macromolecular conducting ring is shown to support persistent currents due to Aharonov-Bohm flux, and the "spontaneous" persistent currents without the flux when structural transformation ...
    • Single qutrit entanglement 

      Binicioğlu, Sinem; Klyachko, Alexander A.; Shumovsky, Alexander S. (OSA, 2007)
      We discussed a recent approach to quantum entanglement. The approach is based on presetting of basic observables of quantum system. Entangled states are interpreted as states with maximal amount of uncertainty of all basic ...