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    • Phonon-assisted nonradiative energy transfer from colloidal quantum dots to monocrystalline bulk silicon 

      Yeltik, Aydan; Güzeltürk, Burak; Hernandez-Martinez, Pedro L.; Demir, Volkan Demir (IEEE, 2012)
      Silicon is one of the most dominant materials in photovoltaics. To increase optical absorption of silicon solar cells, colloidal quantum dots (QDs) have been proposed as a good sensitizer candidate owing to their favorably ...
    • Physical model for subsurface silicon writing 

      Tokel, Onur; Turnalı, Ahmet; Pavlov, Ihor; İlday, Fatih Ömer (IEEE, 2016)
      We have recently reported a direct laser writing method enabling buried structures deep inside silicon. Here we study the formation of these subsurface structures. We take advantage of Nonlinearity Engineering to understand ...