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    • Band-Bending at buried SiO2/Si interface as probed by XPS 

      Çopuroğlu, M.; Sezen, H.; Opila, R. L.; Suzer, S. (American Chemical Society, 2013)
      X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy is used to probe the photoinduced shifts in the binding energies of Si2p, O1s, and C1s of the SiO2/Si interfaces of a number of samples having oxide and/or thin organic layers on top of p- ...
    • Dynamical XPS measurements for probing photoinduced voltage changes 

      Sezen, H.; Suzer, S. (2010)
      Photoillumination with 405 nm laser causes shifts in XPS peaks of n-Si(100), and CdS. To distinguish between surface photovoltage (SPV), and charging, dynamical measurements are performed, while sample is subjected to ...