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    • High-performance solar-blind AlGaN photodetectors 

      Ozbay, E.; Tut, T.; Biyikli, N. (2005)
      Design, fabrication, and characterization of high-performance Al xGa1-xN-based photodetectors for solar-blind applications are reported. AlxGa1-xN heterostructures were designed for Schottky, p-i-n, and metal-semiconductor-metal ...
    • Investigation of AlGaN buffer layers on sapphire grown by MOVPE 

      Van Gemmern P.; Dikme, Y.; Biyikli, N.; Kalisch H.; Özbay, E.; Jansen, R.H.; Heuken, M. (2004)
      In this work, AlGaN layers were grown on sapphire by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) on (0001)-oriented sapphire substrates, with the intention to investigate the effect of varying Al/MO and V/III ratios on the ...