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    • Explorations on optomechanical devices for energy sink applications 

      Lee, ChulHyeong (Bilkent University, 2023-01)
      Resonance energy dissipation mechanism has been gaining importance in the interest of sensing applications. As such, the capacity for precise and fast measurement of the transient phase of motion has been desirable. The ...
    • Nanomechanical buckling for applications in nonlinear dynamics 

      Demiralp, Berke (Bilkent University, 2021-07)
      There has not been enough attention on post buckling behavior at nano scale even though it reveals rich nonlinear and chaotic dynamics and has potential to be used on cutting edge sensing, actuation, computation and ...
    • Nanomechanical motion transducers for miniaturized mechanical systems 

      Kouh, T.; Hanay, M. S.; Ekinci, K. L. (MDPI AG, 2017)
      Reliable operation of a miniaturized mechanical system requires that nanomechanical motion be transduced into electrical signals (and vice versa) with high fidelity and in a robust manner. Progress in transducer technologies ...