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    • Filtering characteristics of hybrid integrated polymer and compound semiconductor waveguides 

      Ozturk, C.; Huntington, A.; Aydinli, A.; Byun, Y.T.; Dagli, N. (IEEE, 2002)
      This paper reports a study on a compact filter fabricated using hybrid integration of compound semiconductors and polymers. A GaAs epilayer is glued onto a polymer channel waveguide forming a highly asymmetrical directional ...
    • Graphene-enabled optoelectronics on paper 

      Polat, E. O.; Uzlu, H. B.; Balci, O.; Kakenov, N.; Kovalska, E.; Kocabas, C. (American Chemical Society, 2016-06)
      The realization of optoelectronic devices on paper has been an outstanding challenge due to the large surface roughness and incompatible nature of paper with optical materials. Here, we demonstrate a new class of optoelectronic ...
    • Spectral scalability and optical spectra of fractal multilayer structures: FDTD analysis 

      Simsek S.; Palaz S.; Mamedov A.M.; Ozbay E. (Springer Verlag, 2017)
      An investigation of the optical properties and band structures for the conventional and Fibonacci photonic crystals (PCs) based on SrTiO3 and Sb2Te3 is made in the present research. Here, we use one-dimensional SrTiO3- and ...