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    • CO2 laser polishing of conical shaped optical fiber deflectors 

      Şimşek, E. U.; Şimşek, B.; Ortaç, B. (Springer Verlag, 2017-06)
      A novel method for polishing conical shaped optical fiber deflectors by modulated CO2 laser exposure is reported. The conical shaped fiber deflector geometry was first formed with rough mechanical polishing, then it was ...
    • Femtosecond laser fabrication of fiber based optofluidic platform for flow cytometry applications 

      Serhatlioglu, Murat; Elbuken, Çağlar; Ortac, Bülend; Solmaz, Mehmet E. (SPIE, 2017)
      Miniaturized optofluidic platforms play an important role in bio-analysis, detection and diagnostic applications. The advantages of such miniaturized devices are extremely low sample requirement, low cost development and ...
    • Towards multimaterial multifunctional fibres that see, hear, sense and communicate 

      Abouraddy, A. F.; Bayindir, M.; Benoit, G.; Hart, S. D.; Kuriki, K.; Orf, N.; Shapira, O.; Sorin, F.; Temelkuran, B.; Fink, Y. (Nature Publishing Group, 2007)
      Virtually all electronic and optoelectronic devices necessitate a challenging assembly of conducting, semiconducting and insulating materials into specific geometries with low-scattering interfaces and microscopic feature ...