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    • Light-controlled microwave whispering-gallery-mode quasi-optical resonators at 50W LED array illumination 

      Yurchenko V.B.; Ciydem, M.; Altintas, A. (American Institute of Physics Inc., 2015)
      We present experimental observations of light-controlled resonance effects in microwave whispering-gallery-mode quasi-optical dielectric-semiconductor disk resonators in the frequency band of 5 GHz to 20 GHz arising due ...
    • Optically implemented broadband blueshift switch in the terahertz regime 

      Shen, N. H.; Massaouti, M.; Gokkavas, M.; Manceau J. M.; Özbay, Ekmel; Kafesaki, M.; Koschny, T.; Tzortzakis, S.; Soukoulis, C. M. (American Physical Society, 2011-01-18)
      We experimentally demonstrate, for the first time, an optically implemented blueshift tunable metamaterial in the terahertz (THz) regime. The design implies two potential resonance states, and the photoconductive semiconductor ...