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    • Mammalian telomeric DNA suppresses endotoxin-induced uveitis 

      Yagci, F. C.; Aslan, O.; Gursel, M.; Tincer, G.; Özdamar, Y.; Karatepe, K.; Akcali, K. C.; Gursel, I. (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Inc., 2010)
      Telomeric regions of mammalian chromosomes contain suppressive TTAGGG motifs that inhibit several proinflammatory and Th1-biased immune responses. Synthetic oligodeoxynucleotides (ODN) expressing suppressive motifs can ...
    • Mesoporous metallic rhodium nanoparticles 

      Jiang B.; Li C.; Dag, Ö.; Abe, H.; Takei, T.; Imai, T.; Hossain, M. S. A.; Islam, M. T.; Wood, K.; Henzie, J.; Yamauchi, Y. (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
      Mesoporous noble metals are an emerging class of cutting-edge nanostructured catalysts due to their abundant exposed active sites and highly accessible surfaces. Although various noble metal (e.g. Pt, Pd and Au) structures ...
    • Photocatalytic conversion of nitric oxide on titanium dioxide: cryotrapping of reaction products for online monitoring by mass spectrometry 

      Lu, W.; Olaitan, A. D.; Brantley, M. R.; Zekavat, B.; Erdogan, D. A.; Ozensoy, E.; Solouki, T. (American Chemical Society, 2016)
      Details of coupling a catalytic reaction chamber to a liquid nitrogen-cooled cryofocuser/triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for online monitoring of nitric oxide (NO) photocatalytic reaction products are presented. Cryogenic ...