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    • Discovering story chains: a framework based on zigzagged search and news actors 

      Toraman C.; Can, F. (John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2017)
      A story chain is a set of related news articles that reveal how different events are connected. This study presents a framework for discovering story chains, given an input document, in a text collection. The framework has ...
    • Squeezing the ensemble pruning: Faster and more accurate categorization for news portals 

      Toraman, Cağrı; Can, Fazlı (Springer, 2012)
      Recent studies show that ensemble pruning works as effective as traditional ensemble of classifiers (EoC). In this study, we analyze how ensemble pruning can improve text categorization efficiency in time-critical real-life ...
    • Topic tracking using chronological term ranking 

      Acun, Bilge; Başpınar, Alper; Oǧuz, Ekin; Saraç, M.İlker; Can, Fazlı (2013-10)
      Topic tracking (TT) is an important component of topic detection and tracking (TDT) applications. TT algorithms aim to determine all subsequent stories of a certain topic based on a small number of initial sample stories. ...