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    • Quantum correlations of spin-1 atoms in an optical lattice 

      Öztop, B.; Oktel, M. Ö.; Müstecaplioǧlu, Ö. E. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2009)
      In this work, we investigate the system of cold spin-1 atoms in a one dimensional optical lattice in relation with squeezing and entanglement. By using the corresponding Bose-Hubbard Hamiltonian, both superfluid and ...
    • Quantum entanglement of spin-1 bosons with coupled ground states in optical lattices 

      Öztop, B.; Oktel, M. Ö.; Müstecapliolu, Ö. E.; You, L. (IOP Institute of Physics Publishing, 2009)
      We examine particle entanglement, characterized by pseudo-spin squeezing, of spin-1 bosonic atoms with coupled ground states in a one-dimensional optical lattice. Both the superfluid and Mott-insulator phases are investigated ...