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    • The invention of wine and its meaning as a myth 

      Akgül, A. (2008)
      Hasan Özdemir's article, entitled, "Şarabi{dotless}n İcadi{dotless} ve Dört Vasfi{dotless}" (The Invention of Wine and Its Four Characteristics) is one of the most interesting applications of Historic-Geographic Theory. ...
    • Oktay Rifat şiirinde güneş'in üç hali 

      Akgül, Alphan (Bilkent University, 2005)
      The poetic transformation, which Oktay Rifat (1914-1988) has experienced since his titled Perçemli Sokak (1956), corresponds to a process moving from “language” towards “perception”. After this work Rifat used the “sun” ...
    • The riddle as an act of creating metaphor 

      Cankara, M. (2002)
      This essay is on the relationship between riddles and metaphors. The concepts employed to examine this relationship are borrowed from Roman Jakobson.