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    • Dimensional crossover in two-dimensional Bose-Fermi mixtures 

      Subaşi, A. L.; Sevinçli, S.; Vignolo, P.; Tanatar, Bilal (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2010)
      We investigate the equilibrium properties of boson-fermion mixtures consisting of a Bose condensate and spin-polarized Fermi gas confined in a harmonic two-dimensional (2D) trap using mean-field theory. Boson-boson and ...
    • Pairing and vortex lattices for interacting fermions in optical lattices with a large magnetic field 

      Zhai, H.; Umucalılar, R. O.; Oktel, M. Ö. (The American Physical Society, 2010)
      We study the structure of a pairing order parameter for spin-1/2 fermions with attractive interactions in a square lattice under a uniform magnetic field. Because the magnetic translation symmetry gives a unique degeneracy ...
    • Two-dimensional boson-fermion mixtures 

      Subaşi, A.L.; Sevinçli, S.; Vignolo P.; Tanatar, Bilal (2009)
      Using mean-field theory, we study the equilibrium properties of boson-fermion mixtures confined in a harmonic pancake-shaped trap at zero temperature. When the modulus of the s -wave scattering lengths are comparable to ...