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    • Gadolinium leakage into subarachnoid space and cystic metastases 

      Elçin Yildiz, A.; Atli, E.; Karli Oǧuz, K. (2013)
      Subarachnoid space (SAS) and cystic metastatic lesions of brain parenchyma appear hypointense on fluid-attenuated inversion-recovery (FLAIR) and T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unless there is a hemorrhage or ...
    • Imetelstat (a telomerase antagonist) exerts off target effects on the cytoskeleton 

      Mender I.; Senturk, S.; Ozgunes, N.; Can Akcali, K.; Kletsas, D.; Gryaznov, S.; Can, A.; Shay J.W.; Dikmen, Z.G. (2013)
      Telomerase is a cellular ribonucleoprotein reverse transcriptase that plays a crucial role in telomere maintenance. This enzyme is expressed in approximately 90% of human tumors, but not in the majority of normal somatic ...
    • Patrolling monocytes control tumor metastasis to the lung 

      Hanna, R. N.; Cekic, C.; Sag, D.; Tacke, R.; Thomas, G. D.; Nowyhed, H.; Herrley, E.; Rasquinha, N.; McArdle, S.; Wu, R.; Peluso, E.; Metzger, D.; Ichinose, H.; Shaked, I.; Chodaczek, G.; Biswas, S. K.; Hedrick, C. C. (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2015)
      The immune system plays an important role in regulating tumor growth and metastasis. Classical monocytes promote tumorigenesis and cancer metastasis, but how nonclassical "patrolling" monocytes (PMo) interact with tumors ...