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    • Characterization and imaging with lamb wave lens at gigahertz frequencies 

      Bozkurt, Ayhan; Yaralıoğlu, Göksenin; Atalar, Abdullah; Köymen, Hayrettin; Kramer, K. (IEEE, 1994-10-11)
      Lamb wave lenses with conical refracting surfaces are fabricated for use at 400 MHz and 1 GHz. The conical surfaces are ground and polished with mechanical means and they are sufficiently smooth for the frequencies of ...
    • Characterization of layered materials by the lamb wave lens 

      Atalar, Abdullah; Köymen, Hayrettin; Değertekin, F. Levent (IEEE, 1990)
      The Lamb wave lens is a type of lens that can replace the conventional lens of an acoustic microscope for some applications. When it insonifies a layered solid structure, it excites a single mode in the structure, provided ...