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    • Characterization of large structural variation using linked-reads 

      Karaoğlanoğlu, Fatih (Bilkent University, 2018-09)
      Many algorithms aimed at characterizing genomic structural variation (SV) have been developed since the inception of high-throughput sequencing. However, the full spectrum of SVs in the human genome is not yet assessed. ...
    • Discovery of large genomic inversions using long range information 

      Rasekh, M. E.; Chiatante, G.; Miroballo, M.; Tang, J.; Ventura M.; Amemiya, C. T.; Eichler, E. E.; Antonacci, F.; Alkan C. (BioMed Central Ltd., 2017)
      Although many algorithms are now available that aim to characterize different classes of structural variation, discovery of balanced rearrangements such as inversions remains an open problem. This is mainly due to the fact ...