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    • Broadband one way propagation via dielectric waveguides with unequal effective index 

      Öner, B. B.; Üstün, K.; Kurt, H.; Okyay, Ali Kemal; Turhan-Sayan, G. (IEEE, 2014)
      We present an efficient approach for broad band one way propagation of light by parallel and unequal dielectric waveguides leading different effective phase shifts. Three dimensional numerical simulations show that 30% ...
    • High-Q silicon-on-insulator optical rib waveguide racetrack resonators 

      Kiyat I.; Aydınlı, Atilla; Dagli, N. (Optical Society of American (OSA), 2005)
      In this work, detailed design and realization of high quality factor (Q) racetrack resonators based on silicon-on-insulator rib waveguides are presented. Aiming to achieve critical coupling, suitable waveguide geometry is ...