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    • Chromatin-modifying enzymes as modulators of reprogramming 

      Onder, T. T.; Kara, N.; Cherry, A.; Sinha, A. U.; Zhu, N.; Bernt, K. M.; Cahan, P.; Marcarci, B. O.; Unternaehrer, J.; Gupta, P. B.; Lander, E. S.; Armstrong, S. A.; Daley, G. Q. (Nature Publishing Group, 2012)
      Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) by somatic cell reprogramming involves global epigenetic remodelling. Whereas several proteins are known to regulate chromatin marks associated with the distinct epigenetic ...
    • Spatial attention and paracontrast masking 

      Konyalı, Afife (Bilkent University, 2021-01)
      Visual masking is a powerful methodological tool to investigate the dynamics of sensory processing associated with object visibility and identity. Previous paracontrast masking studies revealed three distinct components ...