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    • Coloring for distributed-memory-parallel Gauss-Seidel algorithm 

      Koçak, Onur (Bilkent University, 2019-09)
      Gauss-Seidel is a well-known iterative method for solving linear system of equations. The computations performed on Gauss-Seidel sweeps are sequential in nature since each component of new iterations depends on previously ...
    • Linear colorings of simplicial complexes and collapsing 

      Civan, Y.; Yalçın, E. (Academic Press, 2007)
      A vertex coloring of a simplicial complex Δ is called a linear coloring if it satisfies the property that for every pair of facets (F1, F2) of Δ, there exists no pair of vertices (v1, v2) with the same color such that v1 ...