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    • Filtered Variation method for denoising and sparse signal processing 

      Kose, K.; Cevher V.; Cetin, A.E. (2012)
      We propose a new framework, called Filtered Variation (FV), for denoising and sparse signal processing applications. These problems are inherently ill-posed. Hence, we provide regularization to overcome this challenge by ...
    • Target detection using sparsity based deconvolution in passive bistatic radars 

      Arslan, M.T.; Tofighi, M.; Cetin, A.E. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2015)
      We introduce a sparsity based deconvolution scheme to improve the range resolution of passive bistatic radar (PBR) systems. The two-dimensional matched filter output of a PBR system is further analyzed as a deconvolution ...