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    • Design of trellis waveform coders with near-optimum structure 

      Kuruoglu, E.E.; Ayanoglu, E. (IET, 1992)
      In this Letter the combinatorial optimisation algorithm known as simulated annealing is used for the optimisation of the trellis structure of the next-state map of the decoder finite-state machine in trellis waveform coding. ...
    • Keyframe labeling technique for surveillance event classification 

      Şaykol, E.; Baştan M.; Güdükbay U.; Ulusoy, Ö. (S P I E - International Society for Optical Engineering, 2010)
      The huge amount of video data generated by surveillance systems necessitates the use of automatic tools for their efficient analysis, indexing, and retrieval. Automated access to the semantic content of surveillance videos ...
    • Kinect based intelligent wheelchair navigation with potential fields 

      Özçelikörs, M.; Çoşkun, A.; Say, M. G.; Yazici, A.; Yayan, U.; Akçakoca, M. (IEEE Computer Society, 2014)
      Increasing elderly people population and people with disabilities constitute a huge demand for wheelchairs. Wheelchairs have an important role on improving the lives and mobilization of people with disabilities. Moreover, ...
    • Test case verification by model checking 

      Naik, K.; Sarikaya, B. (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1993)
      Verification of a test case for testing the conformance of protocol implementations against the formal description of the protocol involves verifying three aspects of the test case: expected input/output test behavior, ...
    • Testing communication protocols 

      Naik, K.; Sarıkaya, B. (1992)
      [No abstract available]
    • Verification of protocol conformance test cases using reachability analysis 

      Naik, K.; Sarikaya, Behcet (Elsevier Inc., 1992)
      A methodology is presented to verify manually written test cases against the formal specification of a protocol. Initially, a protocol and a test case are modeled as nondeterministic finite state machines and test case ...
    • Vision-based single-stroke character recognition for wearable computing 

      Özer, Ö. F.; Özün, O.; Tüzel, C. Ö.; Atalay, V.; Çetin, A. E. (IEEE, 2001)
      Particularly when compared to traditional tools such as a keyboard or mouse, wearable computing data entry tools offer increased mobility and flexibility. Such tools include touch screens, hand gesture and facial expression ...