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    • Electromagnetic scattering by several 2-D single biological cell models 

      Göktaş, Polat; Sukharevsky, I. O.; Altıntaş, Ayhan (IEEE, 2018-01)
      The electromagnetic 2-D scattering from a single biological cell is analyzed by using Muller boundary integral equation (MBIE) method. The accuracy and smoothness of the solution are improved by applying Nystrom-type ...
    • European collaboration in conformal antenna research 

      Sipus, Z.; Persson P.; Lanne, M.; Heckler, M.; Maci, S.; Campos, J. L. M.; Knott, P.; Ertürk, Vakur; Vandenbosch, G. (IEEE, 2007-09)
      The work carried out within Work Package 2.4-3 of the EU network "Antenna Centre of Excellence" (ACE) is presented in this paper. This work package is concerned with structuring research on conformal antennas. In more ...
    • Model based anticontrol of chaos 

      Morgül, Ömer (IEEE, 2003)
      We will consider model based anticontrol of chaotic systems. We consider both continuous and discrete time cases. We first assume that the systems to be controlled are linear and time invariant. Under controllability ...
    • Nanocrystal emitters for enhanced photovoltaics in UV 

      Mutlugün, Evren; Soğancı, İbrahim Murat; Demir, Hilmi Volkan (IEEE, 2008-11)
      [No abstract available]
    • A reputation-based trust management system for P2P networks 

      Selçuk, Ali Aydin; Uzun, Ersin; Pariente, Mark Reşat (IEEE, 2004)
      The open and anonymous nature of a P2P network makes it an ideal medium for attackers to spread malicious content. In this paper, we describe a reputation-based trust management protocol for P2P networks where users rate ...
    • Simulating a wavelength-size 2-D lens with an accurate numerical method 

      Boriskin, A. V.; Nosich, A. I.; Altıntaş, Ayhan (IEEE, 2001)
      The effect of a localized light source directivity improvement due to an arbitrarily shaped dielectric cylinder taken as a 2-D model of a dielectric lens is studied. The source is simulated by the field of a complex ...