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    • Digital microfluidics for reconfigurable antennas 

      Damgaci, Y.; Çağatay, Engin; Bıyıklı, Necmi; Cetiner, B. A. (IEEE, 2014)
      Usage of fluids (microfluidic or otherwise) in antennas provides a conceptually easy reconfiguration mechanism in the aspect of physical alteration. However, a requirement of pumps, valves, etc. for liquid transportation ...
    • Label-free sensing in microdroplet-based microfluidic systems 

      Kalantarifard, A.; Saateh, A.; Elbuken, C. (MDPI Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2018)
      Droplet microfluidic systems have evolved as fluidic platforms that use much less sample volume and provide high throughput for biochemical analysis compared to conventional microfluidic devices. The variety of droplet ...