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    • Algebraic theory of linear multivariable control systems 

      Çetin, Sevgi Babacan (Bilkent University, 1998)
      The theory of linear multivariable systems stands out as tlie most developed and sophisticated among the topics of system theory. In the literature, many different solutions are presented to the linear midtivariable ...
    • Decentralized control and periodic feedback 

      Khargonekar P. P.; Özgüler, A. B. (IEEE, 1994)
      The decentralized stabilization problem for linear, discretetime, periodically time-varying plants using periodic controllers is considered. The main tool used is the technique of lifting a periodic system to a time-invariant ...
    • Decentralized stabilization of interconnected systems: Structural conditions 

      Yu, R.; Sezer, M. E. (1992)
      A unified framework is provided for the design of high-gain decentralized controllers for the stabilization of several classes of interconnected systems. These classes are characterized in terms of the structure of the ...