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    • Noise-enhanced M-ary hypothesis-testing in the minimax framework 

      Bayram, S.; Gezici, S. (2009)
      In this study, the effects of adding independent noise to observations of a suboptimal detector are studied for M-ary hypothesis-testing problems according to the minimax criterion. It is shown that the optimal additional ...
    • Phase-only beam synthesis by iterative semidefinite relaxations with rank refinement 

      Alp, Y.K.; Arikan, O.; Bayri, A. (European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO, 2013)
      In phased array antennas, by varying the complex element weights beam patterns with desired shapes can be synthesized and/or steered to desired directions. These complex weights can be implemented by using amplitude ...
    • Stochastic signaling under second and fourth moment constraints 

      Goken, C.; Gezici, S.; Arikan, O. (2010)
      Stochastic signaling is investigated under second and fourth moment constraints for the detection of scalar-valued binary signals in additive noise channels. Sufficient conditions are derived to determine when the use of ...