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    • Control of subsonic cavity flows by neural networks-analytical models and experimental validation 

      Efe, M. Ö.; Debiasi, M.; Yan, P.; Özbay, Hitay; Samimy, M. (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2005)
      Flow control is attracting an increasing attention of researchers from a wide spectrum of specialties because of its interdisciplinary nature and the associated challenges. One of the main goals of The Collaborative Center ...
    • Decentralized blocking zeros and the decentralized strong stabilization problem 

      Ünyelioğlu, K. A.; Özgüler, A. B.; Özgüner, Ü. (IEEE, 1995)
      This paper is concerned with a new system theoretic concept, decentralized blocking zeros, and its applications in the design of decentralized controllers for linear time-invariant finite-dimensional systems. The concept ...
    • Experimental study of linear closed-loop control of subsonic cavity flow 

      Yan P.; Debiasi, M.; Yuan X.; Little J.; Özbay, Hitay; Samimy, M. (2006)
      A study is presented of the modeling and implementation of different concepts for linear feedback control of a single-mode resonance shallow cavity flow. When a physics-based linear model is used for cavity pressure ...
    • An exponential stability result for the wave equation 

      Morgül, Ö. (Elsevier, 2002)
      We consider a system described by the one-dimensional linear wave equation in a bounded domain with appropriate boundary conditions. To stabilize this system, we propose a dynamic boundary controller applied at the free ...
    • On switching H ∞ controllers for a class of LPV systems 

      Yan, P.; Özbay, Hitay (IEEE, 2003)
      We consider switching H ∞ controllers for a class of LPV systems scheduled along a measurable parameter trajectory. The candidate controllers are selected from a given controller set according to the switching rules based ...
    • On the mixed sensitivity minimization for systems with infinitely many unstable modes 

      Gümüşsoy, S.; Özbay, Hitay (Elsevier, 2004)
      In this note we consider a class of linear time invariant systems with infinitely many unstable modes. By using the parameterization of all stabilizing controllers and a data transformation, we show that ℋ ∞ controllers ...
    • On the set of all stabilizing first-order controllers 

      Saadaoui, Karim; Özgüler, Arif Bülent (IEEE, 2003)
      A computational method is given for determining the set of all stabilizing proper first-order controllers for finite dimensional, linear, time invariant, scalar plants. The method is based on a generalized Hermite-Biehler theorem.
    • PI and low-order controllers for two-channel decentralized systems 

      Gündeş, A.N.; Özgüler, A. Bülent (IEEE, 2003-06)
      A systematic design method is proposed for simple loworder decentralized controllers in the cascaded form of proportional-integral and first-order blocks. The plant is linear, time-invariant and has two channels, ...
    • Plant Order Reduction for Controller Design 

      Özgüler, A. Bülent; Gündeş, A. N. (IEEE, 2003-06)
      Two dual methods of plant order reduction for controller design are proposed for linear, time-invariant, multi-input multi-output systems. The model reduction methods are tailored towards closed-loop stability and performance ...
    • Reduced-order model-based feedback controller design for subsonic cavity flows 

      Yuan, X.; Caraballo, E.; Yan, P.; Özbay, Hitay; Serrani, A.; DeBonis, J.; Myatt, J. H.; Samimy, M. (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2005-01)
      This paper explores feedback controller design for cavity flows based on reduced-order models derived using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) along with Galerkin projection method. Our preliminary analysis shows that ...
    • Remarks on strong stabilization and stable H∞ controller design 

      Gümüşsoy, S.; Özbay, Hitay (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2005)
      A state space based design method is given to find strongly stabilizing controllers for multi-input-multi-output plants (MIMO). A sufficient condition is derived for the existence of suboptimal stable H∞ controller in terms ...
    • Two-channel decentralized integral-action controller design 

      Gündeş, A. N.; Özgüler, A. B. (IEEE, 2002)
      We propose a systematic controller design method that provides integral-action in linear time-invariant two-channel decentralized control systems. Each channel of the plant is single-input-single-output, with any number ...