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    • An ontology-based approach to parsing Turkish sentences 

      Temizsoy, Murat; Çiçekli, ilyas (Springer, 1998-10)
      The main problem with natural language analysis is the ambiguity found in various levels of linguistic information. Syntactic analysis with word senses is frequently not enough to resolve all ambiguities found in a sentence. ...
    • SIMARD: a simulated annealing based RNA design algorithm with quality pre-selection strategies 

      Sav, Sinem; Hampson, D. J. D.; Tsang, H. H. (IEEE, 2017-12)
      Most of the biological processes including expression levels of genes and translation of DNA to produce proteins within cells depend on RNA sequences, and the structure of the RNA plays vital role for its function. RNA ...
    • Towards heuristic algorithmic memory 

      Özkural, Eray (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2011)
      We propose a long-term memory design for artificial general intelligence based on Solomonoff's incremental machine learning methods. We introduce four synergistic update algorithms that use a Stochastic Context-Free Grammar ...