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    • Software support for SBGN maps: SBGN-ML and LibSBGN 

      Iersel, Martijn P. van; Villéger, A. C.; Czauderna, T.; Boyd, S. E.; Bergmann, F. T.; Luna, A.; Demir, E.; Sorokin, A.; Dogrusoz, U.; Matsuoka, Y.; Funahashi, A.; Aladjem, M. I.; Mi, H.; Moodie, S. L.; Kitano, H.; Le novère, N.; Schreiber, F. (Oxford University Press, 2012)
      Motivation: LibSBGN is a software library for reading, writing and manipulating Systems Biology Graphical Notation (SBGN) maps stored using the recently developed SBGN-ML file format. The library (available in C++ and Java) ...