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    • A fundamental and theoretical framework for an intelligent CAD system 

      Akman, V.; Hagen, P. J. W. T.; Tomiyama, T. (Pergamon Press, 1990)
      Currently, there exists a line of research in mechanical CAD that is directed towards using AI and knowledge engineering ideas, but truly unifying approaches in this respect are lacking. The authors hope to fill this gap ...
    • Hypersolver: a graphical tool for commonsense set theory 

      Pakkan, M.; Akman, V. (Elsevier, 1995)
      This paper investigates an alternative set theory (due to Aczel) called the Hyperset Theory. Aczel uses a graphical representation for sets and thereby allows the representation of non-well-founded sets. A program, called ...
    • Issues in commonsense set theory 

      Pakkan, M.; Akman, V. (Springer/Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1994)
      The success of set theory as a foundation for mathematics inspires its use in artificial intelligence, particularly in commonsense reasoning. In this survey, we briefly review classical set theory from an AI perspective, ...