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    • MR-trackable intramyocardial injection catheter 

      Karmarkar, P. V.; Kraitchman, D. L.; Izbudak, I.; Hofmann, L. V.; Amado, L. C.; Fritzges, D.; Young, R.; Pittenger, M.; Bulte, J. W. M.; Atalar, Ergin (John Wiley & Sons, 2004)
      There is growing interest in delivering cellular agents to infarcted myocardium to prevent postinfarction left ventricular remodeling. MRI can be effectively used to differentiate infarcted from healthy myocardium. MR-guided ...
    • Tracking planar orientations of active MRI needles 

      Sathyanarayana, S.; Aksit P.; Arepally, A.; Karmarkar, P. V.; Solaiyappan, M.; Atalar, Ergin (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2007)
      Purpose: To determine and track the planar orientation of active interventional devices without using localizing RF microcoils. Materials and Methods: An image-based tracking method that determines a device's orientation ...
    • Tracking the position and rotational orientation of a catheter using a transmit array system 

      Celik, H.; Mahcicek, D. I.; Senel, O.; Wright, G. A.; Atalar, Ergin (IEEE, 2013)
      A new method for detecting the rotational orientation and tracking the position of an inductively coupled radio frequency (ICRF) coil using a transmit array system is proposed. The method employs a conventional body birdcage ...