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    • Acoustic microscopy with mechanical scanning—A review 

      Quate, C. F.; Atalar, Abdullah; Wickramasinghe, H. K. (IEEE, 1979-08)
      Acoustic waves in liquids are known to have wavelengths comparable to that of visible light if the frequency is in the gigahertz range. The phenomena of Brillouin scattering in liquids is based on such waves. In helium ...
    • Optical resolution photoacoustic imaging of multiple probes via single fiber laser with independently adjustable parameters 

      Yavaş, S.; Kipergil, E. A.; Uluç, N.; Demirkıran, A.; Kayıkçıoğlu, T.; Salman, H. S.; Karamuk, Şöhret Görkem; Ünlü, M. B.; İlday, Fatih Ömer (OSA, 2017)
      Photoacoustic microscopy (PAM) is a promising imaging modality that combines optical and ultrasound imaging. It combines the advantages of high ultrasonic spatial resolution and high optical contrast. When a short laser ...
    • Size effect in optical activation of TiO2 nanoparticles in photocatalytic process 

      Soğancı, İbrahim Murat; Mutlugün, Evren; Tek, Sümeyra; Demir, Hilmi Volkan; Yücel, D.; Çeliker, G. (IEEE, 2007)
      In this work, we optically investigate and characterize the photocatalytic recovery of contaminated TiO 2 nanoparticles of different sizes that are incorporated in solgel films to study the size effect. We demonstrate ...