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    • Bar code localization by image processing 

      Öktem, R.; Çetin, A.E. (2005)
      This paper addresses the problem of bar code recognition by use of image processing. Bar codes are composed of parallel alternating dark-light stripes; hence they also appear as parallel lines connected at some orientation ...
    • Coding of fingerprint images using binary subband decomposition and vector quantization 

      Gerek Ö.N.; Çetin, A.E. (1998)
      In this paper, compression of binary digital fingerprint images is considered. High compression ratios for fingerprint images is essential for handling huge amount of images in databases. In our method, the fingerprint ...
    • Subband domain coding of binary textual images for document archiving 

      Gerek, Ö. N.; Çetin, A. E.; Tewfik, A. H.; Atalay, V. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1999-10)
      In this work, a subband domain textual image compression method is developed. The document image is first decomposed into subimages using binary subband decompositions. Next, the character locations in the subbands and the ...