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    • Ant colony optimization for the single model U-type assembly line balancing problem 

      Sabuncuoglu, I.; Erel, E.; Alp, A. (Elsevier, 2009)
      An assembly line is a production line in which units move continuously through a sequence of stations. The assembly line balancing problem is defined as the allocation of tasks to an ordered sequence of stations subject ...
    • Assembly line balancing using genetic algorithms 

      Sabuncuoğlu İ.; Erel, E.; Tanyer, M. (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000)
      Assembly Line Balancing (ALB) is one of the important problems of production/operations management area. As small improvements in the performance of the system can lead to significant monetary consequences, it is of utmost ...
    • Design of a fully automated robotic spot-welding line 

      Aktürk, M. Selim; Tula, Adnan; Gültekin, H. (Science and Technology Publications, 2011)
      The mixed model assembly line design problem includes allocating operations to the stations in the robotic cell and satisfying the demand and cycle time within a desired interval for each model to be produced. We also ...