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    • A plea for greater attention on the data in policy analysis 

      Mercenier, J.; Yeldan, E. (Elsevier Inc., 1999)
      The technical difficulties associated with building and solving applied general equilibrium (GE) models seem to have distracted our attention from the data. In this article, we forcefully stress that whatever the sophistication ...
    • Strategic policies and growth: an applied model of R&D-driven endogenous growth 

      Diao, X.; Roe, T.; Yeldan, E. (Elsevier BV, 1999)
      We introduce and explore a general equilibrium model with R&D-driven endogenous growth, whose antecedents are the models of Romer (1990) [Romer, P.M., 1990. Endogenous technological change. Journal of Political Economy, ...