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    • Distributed detection by Particle Swarm Optimization 

      Ince O.; Efe, M.; Arikan, O. (2011)
      Nature inspired optimization methods have been finding many application areas in different disciplines due to their ease of use and high performance. In this study, Particle Swarm Optimization, a nature inspired optimization ...
    • The fractional fourier transform 

      Ozaktas, H., M.; Kutay, M.A. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2001)
      A brief introduction to the fractional Fourier transform and its properties is given. Its relation to phase-space representations (time- or space-frequency representations) and the concept of fractional Fourier domains are ...
    • Revisitation of the simulation methodologies and applications in manufacturing 

      Ramanan, R.; Sabuncuoglu, I. (2011)
      Manufacturing is one of the largest application areas of simulation. For the purpose of understanding where, how and why the simulation is used in the manufacturing, this survey classifies the manufacturing system into two ...