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    • Signal processing issues in diffraction and holographic 3DTV 

      Onural, Levent; Özaktaş, Haldun M. (IEEE, 2005)
      Image capture and image display will most likely be decoupled in future 3DTV systems. For this reason, as well as the need to convert abstract representations to display driver signals, and the need to explicitly consider ...
    • Signal processing problems and algorithms in display side of 3DTV 

      Ulusoy, E.; Esmer, Gökhan Bora; Özaktaş, Haldun M.; Onural, Levent; Gotchev, A.; Uzunov, V. (IEEE, 2006-10)
      Two important signal processing problems in the display side of a holographic 3DTV are the computation of the diffraction field of a 3D object from its abstract representation, and determination of the best display ...